Six Blocky Alternatives to Minecraft: Free Minecraft Games


Six Blocky Alternatives to Minecraft: Free Minecraft Games

These are the top Minecraft games that you can enjoy without spending a dime

Are you looking for Minecraft games that are free? These Minecraft games are free and will help you fill the block-shaped hole in your life. Although they may not have the same survival and creative modes Minecraft is famous for, these games should still keep you entertained.

These games don't exactly replicate Minecraft's, but some of them are very close. Minecraft fans will find something they recognize and love in these six free Minecraft games. These free Minecraft games are a great way to get a taste of Minecraft.

These Minecraft games are free and offer something different, regardless of whether you like crafting, building or adventuring, survival, or just Minecraft's aesthetic. Continue reading to discover more block-building bliss that Minecraft offers.

These are the top Minecraft freebies:


Trove is a great building game with a similar aesthetic to Minecraft but with an emphasis upon the RPG aspects like leveling up or grinding for loot. Trove lets you choose a class to start with. These range from the RPG archetypes Knight and Barbarian to more elaborate builds such as Dino Tamer and Tomb Raiser. Each class offers a unique set of crafting and attacking skills that you can use to explore the open-ended adventure world.

Trove is similar to Minecraft. You start in Trove with a small foundation, called your cornerstone. Trove offers many building and crafting options. Trove's most notable feature is the numerous Clubs created by players. These Clubs can be explored by you and your online friends as you hunt down monsters and create new weapons. You will also continue to build up your cornerstone with loot and other goodies.


Roblox has a lot to offer in the way of Minecraft, including its building and creativity. Roblox is a huge game-generation platform with endless crafting possibilities. Roblox is the place for you if Minecraft is your favorite part. Instead of creating maps, Roblox will let you create mini-games that shape the experience.

These experiences can range from building a theme park or working in a restaurant to simulate real-life situations. It has also been a great place to play for younger gamers. In November 2020, the platform hosted a virtual concert featuring Lil Nas X. Roblox has over 120 million active monthly users, so there is plenty of creativity available for new players.


Unturned is a Day-Z-like survival game for zombies with the bright and blocky aesthetics of Minecraft. You are dropped onto a huge map and can build and craft with the resources you have gathered. However, be aware that there may be other players looking for your loot.

It's not easy to be both charming and gory. Unturned blends the horror of the zombie apocalypse into cutesy voxel artwork. It's easy to die. Finding the right balance between looting, avoiding zombies and staying quiet so you don't get caught is a real challenge.

The new Kuwait map, which takes the zombie-infested planet to a land full of oases and oil refineries as well as strange floating monoliths, is still available for free updates. You can also plunder bank vaults with your team to challenge players and drag races in open desert.


This is the most similar game to Minecraft we have. In fact, it was inspired from a Minecraft demo. You'll be able to recognize a lot of Minecraft in Terasology world-building. There are many different terrains, villages and cities, as well as many weird and wonderful AI critters like Gooey which you can breed.

Terasology currently has an open-development status, so anyone can jump over to Github and play with the progress. Or, if you're lazy, you can download and install many of the quests and systems created by others. Terasology could be your next big project if you are interested in actively participating in the creation of another Minecraft-like gaming experience.


Robocraft is sci-fi engineers' dream. You can build robots that are able to fly, shoot, defend and then demolish. Robocraft doesn't have the open-world adventure of Minecraft. It's more like an arena shooter with PVP. You pilot your creations and take on other players in multiplayer matches on different planets. It's like Robot Wars team matches in spaceā€¦ what's not love?

It still has a lot of customisation and crafting capabilities. Once you have built your vehicle, you will be able to practice driving it. You don't have to be a master of driving that T-Rex gun-mounted T-Rex mech.


Creativerse, a voxel-based, sandbox-based game, has a lot of building mechanics and player-created worlds. You can also play online with friends or alone. Creativerse can be downloaded for free. You can also modify the game with Steam Workshop support.

This game is very similar to Minecraft in terms of gameplay. Although you start with a stick, you can quickly transform your map using resources, hoovering up block, crafting recipes, and creating new tools and items. Creativerse's cartoonish style really brings the creations to life.

You should also know that Creativerse can be played for free and you have tons of things to do. However, there are a few bundles that will give you additional items and functionality, such as creator mode and the ability to customize your game world.

These are the top free Minecraft games with a touch of Minecraft magic. Check out our list for the best PC games.