Minecraft Speedrun World Record


Minecraft Speedrun World Record

After a scandalous cheating scandal, Dream's fastest time was removed from the leaderboard. Dream has said that he will no more submit his run times to speedrun.com but many other larger creators continue their race for the fastest time.

Dream had one of his speedrun records removed from the official leaderboards in December 2020 for the Minecraft 1.16+ any%-glitchless category. The investigation was launched by the Minecraft Speedrun Team. It covered several months of Dream's run and found that he was 15th on the leaderboard. The verdict stated that Dream's luck in obtaining item drops was beyond what is reasonable and that he must have altered the game's code to increase drop rates. Although Dream claims he didn't cheat, the run is still removed from the leaderboards.

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Although Dream may have retired from speedrunning, there are still many people who want to be the number one. The Minecraft 1.16+ any% glitchless race is a very active category of speedrun.com, with new records being set almost every other week. Here's the current world record holder at the time of writing.

Minecraft Speedrun World Record Holder

This run was also part of the random seeds category, which means that the runner must create a new Minecraft world for each run. Instead of planning out their runs ahead of time, the runner must rely on their instincts to beat the game as fast as possible. The player's goal is to beat a new world every run. The player must also rely on mob drops, as well as building generations. This is another aspect of the run where luck plays an important role. Even players as skilled as Dream at Minecraft can still struggle to find a seed that will give them a good run.

It's possible that reignex will lose the record because of how active the Minecraft speedrun category has been. It's just as fun to watch the biggest streamers on Twitch or YouTube race against each other for the world record times. Tfue and Cizzors are 100th and lower on the leaderboards. But the excitement of seeing who will win the next content creator speedrun title is thrilling. It's a category that is as dynamic as Minecraft 1.16+ and anyone can take it.