Minecraft kitchen ideas


Minecraft kitchen ideas

Are you looking for cool Minecraft kitchen designs? Like houses, Minecraft kitchens can be simple or extravagant. This room is the heart of any home. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin without a template.

There are many parts to consider when building a kitchen. You might need somewhere to relax after a long day of battling Minecraft phantoms. Or, you may need somewhere to make new potions and do all your Minecraft brewing. It doesn't matter what purpose, the kitchen should feel like home, no matter how many people use it.

We have something for everyone, whether you are an experienced builder or a complete novice. Here are the top Minecraft kitchen ideas to get started.

Basic Kitchen

A basic kitchen is the best choice if you want a kitchen that would look right at home in an Ikea catalog. These look great with lots of windows and hanging lights to entertain guests at night.

This kitchen by MCram is a great way to express your creativity without getting too bogged down in appliances

Cellar Kitchen

This little slice of culinary paradise is perfect for those who don't want to be exposed to the outside world. This kitchen is a peaceful sanctuary that offers wine dispensers and a stunning extractor fan on top of a central stone island.

It is primarily made from wood and would look great in a stone-based house like the Medieval home we featured in our Minecraft house design guide.

Working Kitchen Diner

This is where things can get a little more difficult, but also more rewarding. A well-designed kitchen is great, but a functional one is even better. Typface's effort is brought to life with warm lighting, wooden decor and a working oven. You can cook delicious, blocky meals in no time.

You can also host delicious in-game dinner parties with plenty of space.

Working Kitchen

Magma has created a stunning Minecraft kitchen space that will make you stand out. Although it's not the most visually appealing, this kitchen has a fully functional fridge, microwave, stove and more, all within its quartz cabinets and worktops. When food is cooked, the microwave emits a sound!

Modern kitchen

You want a minimalist kitchen that is sleek and modern? Although this build requires the use of redstone blocks and pistols for compressing blocks (especially with the fridge), it is a very clean design that is easy to build if you follow MCram's instructions. Make sure you have the correct Minecraft shaders and texture packs (MCram recommends Faithful 32x and the BSL shader).

These Minecraft Kitchen design ideas are sure to please any chef. You can host a dinner party with your friends or just relax for a weekend. If you want to go a little higher, our guide to the best Minecraft tower building ideas might be the right place to position your new kitchen. Check out our list of the top Minecraft builds for inspiration.