How to use a Minecraft Respawn


How to use a Minecraft Respawn

The Minecraft Respawn Anchor allows for you to create a spawn point in any dimension of the Nether. However, it must be made using Crying Obsidian. Minecraft players who like to spend a lot of time exploring the Nether looking for rare resources will find Respawn Anchors very useful. However, crafting one can be difficult. You will need to find the rare Obsidian variant you are looking for at a randomly generated Ruined Portal. This guide will show you how to make a Minecraft Respawn Anchor. It also explains where to find the materials and how to charge it.

Minecraft Respawn Anchor explained

Keep an eye out for Ancient Debris while in the Nether. This will allow you to make Minecraft Netherite.

You'll be a veteran Minecrafter and know that beds don't work in the Nether. They explode if you attempt to use one. A Respawn Anchor, however, allows you to create a spawn point in the Nether. It also doesn't explode. A Respawn Anchor makes it a little easier to live in the Nether, especially for those who are planning on long Nether trips.

Once you have one, you will need to charge it up with Glowstone. Glowstone blocks are equivalent to one respawn. You can add up to four blocks to your Respawn Anchor, so you can respawn up to four times. However, you must ensure that the surrounding area is clear of obstructions or you will see "You have neither a home bed nor a charged respawn anchor" after you die.

Hoglins will flee Respawn Anchors so you don't have to worry about one being right next to you when respawning. It is possible for a Respawn Anchor to explode in the overworld, but it is best not to test it.

How to make a Minecraft Respawn Anchor

Three Glowstone blocks and six Crying Obsidian are required to make a Respawn Anchor. The recipe is shown above. There are three Crying Obsidian on the top row and three Glowstone on the middle row. Below it, there are three Crying Obsidian.

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You will need to find a Ruined Portal in order to obtain Crying Obsidian. They can be found either in the Overworld, or the Nether. They can be found in all biomes in both dimensions, and there is a 5% chance that it's a Giant Ruined Portal. Once you have found the blocks, you can mine them with a Diamond Pickaxe just like normal Obsidian. Blocks of Crying Obsidian are also available in Bastion Remnant chests. They can also be obtained by bartering with Piglins if you give them a Gold Ingot. However, the chances of finding them are very slim.

Glowstone is only available in the Nether. It is often found hanging from ceilings in large quantities. It will turn into Glowstone Dust if you use a regular pickaxe. However, four pieces of Glowstone Dust can still be made into a Glowstone Block if you use the right tools. You can mine the Glowstone if you have a Silk Touch pickaxe and have been Minecraft enchanting.

The Respawn Anchor is the only way to use Crying Obsidian at the moment, other than as decorative blocks. One Respawn Anchor is sufficient for a while as long as it's not exploded in the Overworld. You can keep refilling it with Glowstone.